Activity Levels

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In an effort to give you some guidance on how active each Turismo Aonikenk program is, we prepared this table explaining each activity level on our scale.


Level 1 - EasyLevel 1

None of our level 1 trips are particularly difficult, but travel itself can be wearing. Trips rated level 1, such as our Soft Adventures Classic Patagonia and Patagonian Glaciers amongst others, are possible for everyone of any age in general good health.

Level 2 - Easy to ModerateLevel 2

Level 2 programs have a wider range of activities and include more active travel. This may include trips with short hikes of two to four hours, easy horseback riding and/ or easy kayaking. Accommodation is in cozy hotels as well as in rustic refugios (mountain huts with dormitories, bunks and shared bathrooms). For example: Adventure Spirit and Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

Level 3 - ModerateLevel 3

Level 3 programs, such as our Torres del Paine active tour, involve hiking over moderate terrain. It is not necessary to carry your big backpack - you will only carry your daypack with your lunch, water bottle, camera and extra clothing instead. Programs rated level 3 are possible for beginners as long as you are in good health and good physical condition. The refugios we stay in serve us as base camps for day hikes with walking times varying from four to eight hours.

Level 4 - AdvancedLevel 4

Level 4 trips include trekking tours, where you will be active averaging six to eight hours per day. and on some days trek up to ten hours. You will cover steeper and more rugged terrain carrying your big backpack, including tent, sleeping bag, stove, cooking utensils and food. You need to be in excellent health and excellent physical condition to enjoy these trips. Camping is the preferred option on these trekking tours. The trails are well established and campgrounds may offer extra services, such as a little shop and/ or hot showers. Examples: Torres del Paine - The "W", Torres del Paine Circuit.

Level 5 - Demanding, difficultLevel 5

Our most demanding adventures take place in remote areas, such as our Dientes de Navarino Circuit and our Cabo Froward Trek. They include trekking five to eight hours per day on overland and mountainous terrain. We cross rivers, hike through swamps and are exposed to rough climate, such as at Isla Navarino, where snow is possible even in summer. The only option to discover these virgin regions is that trip members are comfortable with wilderness camping without any facilities. Sometimes there is hardly a trail and sometimes there is none at all. You must carry your personal equipment and part of the group's gear several days in a row. This includes sleeping bag, tent, stove, cooking utensils and food. You need to be in excellent health and excellent physical condition to enjoy such a tour. You should have experience in trekking with a big backpack and you should come equipped with a spirit of adventure and the willingness to pitch in and help with camp chores.


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